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Yelp is an amazing resource!!! You can look up anything and it will be on yelp. There are electricians, hotels, sushi bars, everything!!!  The worse thing about yelp is also the best thing about yelp. Yelp publishes everybody's opinion on something. So of course they publish the owners opinion, his Mom's opinion, his kids opinion, his friends opinion. This makes it really one sided at the beginning. But you will find if you keep reading, the overall picture of a business emerges.

I read the review of a local eatery and the 1st 25 or so were so glowing it was silly. Obviously this eatery owner has lots of friends. As you keep reading you start to hear real truths about this business. It is overpriced. It serves cold food and its waitstaff are untrained. The same holds true for hotels, airlines, plumbers etc ... Just keep reading!!!

There are other sites out there that basically do the same thing, but yelp is my favorite. Here is a list: 


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