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Cruise Ship Weddings



It sounds crazy but I swear the math works out. It is CHEAPER to have a wedding on one of Holland Americas ships than to have it at home!!!!

Okay, here's the math. The average price of a small wedding with 10 guest at a traditional land location like the hall or hotel including the official, a cake, champagne, flowers and photography in 2007 was $10,250. The same exact wedding at Holland America including a personal Professional Wedding Coordinator, a cruise ship onboard wedding with VIP boarding for your guests and a short CRUISE costs about $2500. That's a savings of $7750. It's going to be more expensive if you take a longer cruise, but still, this is something worth checking out!

Wedding packages are available on every ship in the fleet and can start as low as $795 for simple ceremony for two. Holland America leads the way with their pricing. Lots of other ships offer weddings but Holland America pays for almost everything except the cruise itself!!! Check it out HERE


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