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Family Friendly Vacation Ideas - Amusement Parks



Guidebooks ROCK!

Many amusement parks have entire sections of guidebooks dedicated to them, while some have even earned their own guidebooks. Some of these guidebooks cost a fortune so do not even consider buying one! Instead head to the public library where the guidebooks are free and since you can keep library books for three weeks by the time you come home from vacation you can return it at no cost. Just be sure to get the latest edition of various travel guides. If they are still touting the virtues of the "E" ticket at Disney you may want a book from this decade. All libraries let you place holds on books so after you do your research in the newest edition of your travel guide just return it and place it on hold again 2 weeks before your actual trip. Then pick it up again just before you leave.  

Youtube is indispensable!

Guidebooks are only as good as its writers. Seeing is believing when it comes to travel. EVERYTHING on the planet has been video taped and put on youtube. Every hotel on the planet, every airport, every travel destination has been downloaded for your perusal at no cost to you. My favorite youtube story is the trip where my family of four went to the San Diego Zoo and expected to see it all in a few hours. HAAH!! Six hours and three blisters later I wanted to strangle the guidebook that called a half mile 75 degree uphill climb "easy and fun for the whole family". If I had checked youtube I could have seen the "fun" hill in all its glory. Video is so much better than a book. I am sure the 20 year old professional athlete who wrote it must have thought it was "fun" but a mother, grandmother and two small kids almost has a heat stroke. Check it out. You will be shocked how informational it can be. There is a video of each and every hotel room in Disney and Las Vegas.


Amusement parks are really invested in keeping you inside its well manicured gates. Disney provides food, transportation, hotel and entertainment at a packaged or a la cart price. The tickets alone are very expensive. You can save 50% or more by buying everything together. Try and book it every way you can think of and see which comes out cheapest. Try tickets only, then air and tickets, then car rental, air and tickets ect... It is amazing the deals that pop up when you add them all together. There are so many deals out there they will not even tell you about unless you book together. 


Military active members have access to many free or really discounted tickets.

AAA is another good option for looking for discounts.

Government employees





Ask the ticket agent who gets the cheapest tickets and chances are you can access these prices too if you just ask. If you get a grumpy agent, no biggie, just hang up and try again.

Coupon Books

The Entertainment Book pays for itself in just one meal out. Why not order one for you Vacation destination. 

Ok so you have your FREE guidebook from the library, you bought discounted tickets using grandmas AARP discount, you compared hotels and airfare using my list of sites and you are ready to go. 

Where are you headed???? Here are the websites for the heavy hitters of the Amusement Park world:

Ok those are the big guys! 

Here is a list by state of every Amusement Park in the United States.



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