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Looking for the recipe for a famous dish??? These websites are "dishing". I have no idea how they do it but I swear any website that can give me the Cheesecake Factory Snickers Cheesecake Recipe is a winner!!!!

Famous Restaurants Most Requested Recipes

Why on earth would famous recipes be given away for free on the net??? Well their goal is to make you want to buy their many many products. Paula Deen alone has over 5,000 items for sale at Walmart. So they figure if they give away recipes for free you will have more money to buy the other goodies they sell. 

Another great way to access free  recipes is to "friend" your favorite  cookbook or chef on facebook.  Southern Living will send you entire meal plans free if you are their facebook friend.  

Here is a good start to Famous Free Cookbooks Online

And if you decide to actually buy a cookbook here are my favorite online bookstores. Many have free shipping. One of my favorite tricks is to buy an Amazon.com book for as little as a penny and pay the $3.99 shipping. That's a cookbook for only $4 bucks!!! You can actually get it for the penny with no shipping fees at all if you join Amazon Prime.





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