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The Middle Ages
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Welcome to the Middle Ages - Overviews

Anglo-Saxons (449-1066)

Charlemagne - King of the Franks 

Feudalism, Fiefs  


Power of the Church in the Middle Ages

Nobles (Lords & Ladies, Serfs, The Manorial System

Knights, Chivalry, 
Jousts, Heraldry, Weapons

Norman Conquest, Battle of Hastings (1066-1500) 

The High & Late Middle Ages

Rise of Monarchies,  Thomas Becket,  Magna Carta

The Tudors & Stuarts

Towns, Guilds, Trade Fairs 

The Black Death - The Plague

The Crusades 

Medieval Literature, Theatre 

Architecture & Cathedrals

The Vikings 

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The Middle Ages for Kids

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