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American History
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 Native Americans

Explorers, Colonization

13 Colonies, Colonial Times 

Puritans & Pilgrims 

Salem Witch Trials

French and Indian War

Road to Revolution

Continental Congress

American Revolution 

Declaration of Independence

Articles of Confederation


Bill of Rights,  Amendments

3 Branches of Government

Jefferson & New Republic

Louisiana Purchase

Lewis & Clark

Western Expansion, Pioneers 

Oregon Trail

War of 1812

Monroe Doctrine

Jackson, Revival & Reform

Manifest Destiny

Trail of Tears

Gold Rush

Wild Wild West

Industrial Revolution  

The Cotton Gin

Slavery and Industry

Underground Railroad

Brink of the Storm

Civil War


Growth of the West

Transcontinental Railroad

Industrial Growth

Immigration, Factories

Child Labor

Populist Party

Gilded Age, Progressive Era

 Woman's Suffrage Movement


World War I

Roaring 20's  

Harlem Renaissance

Great Depression & New Deal

World War II

Cold War

Rebellion & Reform

Civil Rights Movement

Cuban Missile Crisis

Modern Times  


Wars and Actions

US Military




Famous Americans 

50 US States & Regions

Territories & Possessions

Washington DC

Patriotic Symbols 

Political Cartoons

US Geography, Maps 

US Holidays 


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Primary Resources 

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American History Lesson Plans

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