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Music Games for Kids



Make Your Own Music

Virtual Keyboard

Caillou Magic Keyboard

Thumb Piano Tunes

Freaky Frank's Music Machine  

Harcourt Pattern Building 

More Music Games & Interactives

Can you see music?

Musical Instrument games


The Player Piano

Music Making (preschool)

Global Gizmo 

Global Groovin' 

Music and Art games (BBC kids)

Arts and Music games 

Music Games for Instruments

Instruments of the Orchestra

Stay Afloat

The Instruments Lab 

Perfect Pitch Instrument Game

Listening Adventures

Instrument Sounds 

Fling the Teacher - Name that Instrument 

The Odd Musical Instruments Gallery  


San Francisco Kids Symphony

Nashville Symphony Orchestra for Kids

Musical Mysteries

Brass Instruments

Wind Instruments

String Instruments

Percussion Instruments 


Rock 'n Roll


Free Music Clipart




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