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Nutrition for you and your family
Free Family Presentations & Games for Kids



Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Gregory the Terrible Eater 

Milton's Excellent Adventure Through Nutrition 

Diets & Dieting

Food Safety


Nutrition and You  

Nutritional requirements  

Health and Nutrition Learning Modules (many)  

PowerPoint Presentations for Food and Nutrition II (many)

Healthy Habits (6 powerpoints, one a week for 6 weeks) 

Nutrition: The Basics

What Is Nutrition?

Understanding Nutrition – Added Sugar and Fat

Understanding Nutritional Labels

Nutrition, Food, and Culture

Nutrition and Diabetes Risk in North American Latinos

Nutrition and Obesity

Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

Understanding Food Labels

Basic Nutrition


Nutrition and You

Nutritional requirements

See Also: The Food Pyramid, Diets & Dieting 

For Kids

Nutrition Games 

Free Family & Consumer Science Games for Kids 

For Teachers

Lots of Lessons - Nutrition

Free Clipart

Free Templates

Free Templates for Games in PowerPoint format




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