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The Big Idea: Nehemiah

The Great Wall of Nehemiah

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Nehemiah 1: Seven Steps to Restoration
Nehemiah 2: Six Steps to Getting Started
Nehemiah 3: Nine Portraits of the Church at Work
Nehemiah 4, part 1: Five Challenges You will Face
Nehemiah 4, part 2: How to Meet the Challenges
We Can't Rest Yet, 4:6-14
A sermon for the church at the start of the year
Nehemiah 5, part 1: Five Failures to Avoid
Nehemiah 5, part 2: Seven Keys to Biblical Confrontation
Nehemiah 6: How Leaders Should Face Intimidation
Nehemiah 8: Back to the Bible
Nehemiah 9: Working The Process of Repentance
Nehemiah 9-10: Reconnecting with God
Nehemiah 11: From Dysfunctional to Fully Functional
Nehemiah 12: The Dedication: 6 Elements of Worship
Nehemiah 13:1-10: Intruder in the Temple

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