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Free Powerpoints for PK-12 



Intro to Art

Elements of Art 
line, shape, form, texture, space, value

African Art

Latin American Art

Art History

Color and Space

Native American Art


Art Media 
crayon, paint, fabric, yarn, 
clay, paper, stone, wood, metal


Costumes, Fashion

Masks  /  Puppets  / Dolls

Cinema, Film, Movies

Art Movements - The Isms
Surrealism, Cubism, Pointillism, Impressionism, Realism

Art Processes
drawing, painting, collage, pottery, sculpture, weaving

Russian Nesting Dolls & Painting Eggs

Subject Matter
landscapes, portraits, still life


& Symmetry


Political Cartoons

Theatre & Stagecraft - Scene Design

Free Clipart

Free Templates

Free Templates for Games in PowerPoint format




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