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Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about



Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Primate Evolution

Primates and Humans

Primates – Names and Photos

The Primates – Key Questions

Primates in Laboratory Research: Is It Worth It?

Primates – Our Place among the Primates

Golden Lion Tamarin – Smallest of the Primates



Chimpanzees – Introduction

Chimpanzees – Our Closest Relative

Common Chimpanzee

How and Why You Should Help Chimpanzees



Dian Fossey and the Virunga Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla – Classification and Description

What Happened to the Mountain Gorilla?


Orangutans – Asia’s Exclusive Great Ape

Orangutans – Critically Endangered Species of Indonesia

Orangutans – From Sumatra and Borneo

Oranguatans – Introduction

Orangutans Adaptations

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For Kids

Free Games & Activities for Primates

For Teachers

Primates: Lesson Plans and Activities

Free Clipart

Free Templates

Free Templates for Games in PowerPoint format




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