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Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about



Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Dogs - PowerPoint Presentation

Basic Canine Care and Nutrition

Huskies, Sled Dogs, and the Iditarod

See Also: Pets, Mammals, Animal Index

For Kids

Working Dogs

FBI - Working Dogs Kids Page

Working Dogs (PBS, Nova)

Enjoy Your Dog

Decoding Dog Behavior

Dog Body Language

Dogs and More Dogs (interactive)

Dog Fun Directory - By State, places to take your dog

Dog duties

Games to Play with your Dog

Safety Steps & Lost Dogs

Kids & Dogs Safety Rhymes

Is your pet missing?

Kids and Dogs - Safety First!

Avoiding a Dog Attack

Online Free Dog Games

Dog Games

For Teachers

Dog Safety for Kids

Lewis & Clark - Captain Lewis Buys a Dog

Man's Best Friends - Dogs

The Iditarod

FREE Dog Training eBooks

American Kennel Club fun activity sheets and more!

Free Animals Video Clips

Free Clipart

Free Templates

Free Templates for Games in PowerPoint format




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