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Avvo.com - Free Legal Advice from attorneys
Type a question in the online box provided and wait for an answer. Your identity is kept private. You will be notified by email when your question is answered; the answer will be posted online to help others. A wonderful FREE service!


Laws related to Used Cars by state

FREE Unlimited Access to the Sex Offender Registry   
No signup necessary. Simply type in an address and find the work and home location of registered offenders near you (with photos)

Identity Theft 
What to do and who to contact 
if you believe your identity may have been stolen. Also see: Identity Theft Games for Kids 

We all have questions about what to do if we are the unfortunate victim of a crime. This site shares tips and techniques on how to keep our family, home, and schools safe. ASKACOP.org 

LawHelp.org for low income families

An article on How to find Pro Bono attorneys


Free Online Law Games for Kids 


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