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Bringing history to life is easy with the iPad. The iPad is a perfect vehicle for teaching anything to children because it captures their imagination and allows for interactive play while learning. 

Below are my favorite completely free iPad apps that promote geography, world history, and US history for elementary school children. 

World Cultures this is probably my favorite iPad app because it brings to life cultures of the world through artifacts and photos From the Hudson Museums World Cultures Collection. 

Beyond Textbooks 2010  interactive games that are designed to get students warmed up and ready to learn and help them connect to social studies content.

World Book This Day in History every day in history catalogued in 365 easy to handle chunks! Perfect for teachers!!

History Maps of the World detailed historical maps at your fingertips 

European Exploration the history of all of Europe through time 

BBC Magazine super-expensive magazine completely free on your iPad or iPhone  

Stack the Countries great for younger kids 

Your World is is a lot like the stack the country's but it has more color maps in the new levels 

Brain Café Geography Quiz beautiful full-color photos from around the world help you learn your geography with quizzes 

Globe for iPad this app shows the countries of the world on a 3-D globe 

Geogames World Series this app has a neat quiz format 

National Geographic Magazine one of the most beautiful apps out there and it's still totally free 

Flags and Capitals full-color flags and capitals in a quiz format 

Atlas free Kerry along Atlas of the world with many facts and figures included with the full-color photos 

The World in Figures by The Economist magazine  amazing facts

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