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US history never has to be boring with these completely free iPad apps. Studies have shown that children learn interactive devices like the iPad at a greater rate than simply memorizing facts. 

Below our list of my favorite completely free iPad apps specifically for US history.


Native Americans Free iPad apps all about Native American history

The 13 Colonies - free iPhone and iPad apps all about early American history in the 13 colonies.

Western Expansion 

Lewis & Clark 

The Oregon Trail 

The Civil War (War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression) 

Immigration, the Nation Grows

The Great Depression 

The Holocaust & World War II 

iAmerica the pocket guide to US history a comprehensive guide to United States history

Black History Month

Smithsonian Channel for iPad from short clips to full episodes, this is one of my favorite iPad apps because it shows videos on nearly every historical subject at every grade level.

PBS interactive iPad apps that covers US and world history

US History Timeline list of important dates in history with pictures

McGraw-Hill completely free for the iPad preview of all other educational materials

History; Maps of the World free for the iPad educational site with historical maps of the world

MrDonn.com Literally the Best Social Studies Site on the Planet !!!!!

Kindergarten - Third Grade Free IPad Apps completely free iPad apps for younger elementary students

Fourth-Sixth Grade Free IPad Apps completely free iPad apps for young learners


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