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South America



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The history of South America comes to life with the interactive resources available on the iPad. Now your student can learn about the history of South America and its people through videos and fun activities that will bring history alive.

Amazon rain forest South America

National Geographic wonderful resource that includes highly interactive maps and stories

South America country facts quizzes including capitals, country placement, animals, and geography
South America off-line map in depth mapping of all South America

Quiz Maps World Edition world geography at your fingertips


PBS interactive iPad apps that covers US and world history


US History Timeline list of important dates in history with pictures

McGraw-Hill completely free for the iPad preview of all other educational materials

History; Maps of the World free for the iPad educational site with historical maps of the world

MrDonn.com Literally the Best Social Studies Site on the Planet !!!!!!

Kindergarten - Third Grade Free IPad Apps completely free iPad apps for younger elementary students

Fourth-Sixth Grade Free IPad Apps completely free iPad apps for young learners

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