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The Holocaust



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The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of 6 million Jews by a regime and its collaborators. The iPhone and iPad are perfect vehicles to educate ourselves about this time in world history. 

Below are my favorite iPhone and iPad apps all about the Holocaust and the history surrounding these events.

Faces of the Holocaust Each video is done in an interview format. Some interviews are eyewitness accounts told by survivors were observers. Other stories are told by descendents of survivors. There are also first-hand reports by liberators of Holocaust Jews. These videos are unedited and heartbreaking may not be suitable for young students.

Shadows of Shoah Moving photos and videos with detailed information about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Stories Higher Education Channel video dialogue of concentration camp survivors stories.

Jewish Historical Museum Detailed historical documents and artifacts from the museum.

From Israelite to Jew by author and Jewish scholar Michael Satlow 22 lectures in a video podcast format

Jewish Days detailed description of all Jewish holidays and remembrances throughout the year with downloadable materials for teachers and students.

The Jewish Chronicle the oldest independent Jewish newspaper has a great app inside their newspaper The Jewish Chronicle There are many resources about the Holocaust and its effects over generations.

Judaism inside the iTunes store a list of 200 podcast many are completely free on just about every subject including the Holocaust. 


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