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Ancient Greek Gods



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Ancient Greece has exerted an extensive influence on European culture, it is as you know the foundation of Western civilization as a whole. The iPad and iPhone are perfect vehicles to showcase the amazing world of ancient Greece. Greek mythology and Greek gods. They come to life in the palm of your hand with informative and vivid applications to learn about ancient Greek mythology their lives and their legends. 

Below are a list of my favorite iPad apps and iPhone apps that are completely free all about Greece, mythology, and the exciting world of the ancient Greek gods.

Greek God by far the best of the iPad apps all about Greek gods with photos and detailed information

Learn Mythology Basics all the major Greek mythology stories broken down and explained in detail

Greek Radio 39th radio stations from Greece completely free on your iPod or iPhone

The Greek App the perfect app for all things Greek. This app covers cuisine with photos of every recipe, up-to-date news, and even a function to listen to live radio broadcast from Greece.

Greek Gods Free Greek God reference guide contains more than 360 different Greek gods with their name gender category and a description of their importance.

Greek Essentials learn some basic Greek with this completely free iPhone and iPad app

Greek Audio Flashcards learn 4500 Greek words with audio flashcards

Ancient Greece - Learn about the ancient Greek Olympics and the Ancient Greek World with Free iPad apps

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