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Great Depression



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A bleak time in the history of this nation, but a time rife with lessons not to be forgotten. The below totally free iPhone and iPad apps take a look at the United States great depression. The iPhone and iPad are the perfect vehicle to explore using interactive videos, photos and first-person stories. Not forgetting is not enough, it is also important to learn from what transpired during the Great Depression. 

Below are my favorite apps that deal with this time in American history.

The Great Depression ITunes Podcast free podcast from iTunes from The Institute of American History including FDR's personal history, the New Deal,causes of the Great Depression, aftermath of the Great Depression ,and more.

The Great Depression Lesson Plans school lesson plans including photographs and videos all about the great depression.

Great Depression Numbers fax, figures and photographs of the Great Depression with in-depth analysis using the wrong numbers involved in the Great Depression. Perfect app for both teachers and students with completely free downloadable material.

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