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The world is a very big place!!! The true goal of global education is to raise a more knowledgeable generation that is better quick to deal, communicate, understand, with the rest of the planet. Geography and the understanding of where countries are on a globe is a very basic part of this education. 

Below are my favorite iPad apps that are educational in nature and 100% free all about geography!

Stack the Countries great for younger kids

Your World is is a lot like the stack the country's but it has more color maps in the new levels

Brain Café Geography Quiz beautiful full-color photos from around the world help you learn your geography with quizzes

Globe for iPad this app shows the countries of the world on a 3-D globe

Geogames World Series this app has a neat quiz format

National Geographic Magazine one of the most beautiful apps out there and it's still totally free

Flags and Capitals full-color flags and capitals in a quiz format

Atlas free Kerry along Atlas of the world with many facts and figures included with the full-color photos

The World in Figures by The Economist magazine amazing facts and figures about every country in the world

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