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The iPad and iPhone are perfect partners for your exploration of the Civil War and its many battlefields. The American Civil War 1861 through 1865 is often referred to as simply the Civil War or the war between the states. 

Below is a list of my favorite completely free iPhone and iPad apps all about the Civil War.

Lincoln Telegrams the Lincoln telegrams include over 300 digitized telegram memos written by Pres. Abraham Lincoln between March 10, 1864 in April 12, 1865. In addition detailed historical information is available on a project blog.

Fredericksburg Battle App is the perfect touring partner for your exploration of the Fredericksburg Battlefield. The GPS enabled touring application will guide you through detailed tors that cover the battlefield from the initial fight to the bitter end.

Discover Anywhere Civil War detailed exploration of important Civil War locations

Historic Gettysburg Walking Tour 360 real-time walking tour on the streets where soldiers fault and civilians live. Learn more about life in Gettysburg before, during, and that days after the Civil War. Walking tour includes historic buildings many dating back to pre-Civil War times.

Chancellorsville Battle App pocket guide through all the historic spots on the Chancellorsville battlefield

Civil War Photo Album thousands of public domain photographs of the Civil War

Civil War Bull Run Battle App this app is the perfect civil war partner for your exploration of the Bull Run battlefield. It is GPS enabled for easy 360 a real-time touring application that will guide you through all the historic spots on this Civil War battlefield. The on-board historian feature includes videos, audio accounts, first-person accounts from the battlefield, animated maps, photos, orders of battle, and a timeline.

Civil War Alexandria explore Civil War Alexandria and discover how Robert E Lee's hometown of Confederate loyalist became a major operation center or union forces while thousands of African-Americans came to town seeking freedom and security behind the Union lines.

Civil War Lite History Challenge test how well you know your Civil War history in this fun challenging iPad app

American Civil War Timeline easy to read and download timeline with every major event in the civil war detailed

Civilization War strategy game where you can be either side of the Civil War in the United States and more

Antietam 150 an amazing resource you won't believe that it's completely free!! this app photographs and details hundreds of civil war photographs and relics from long ago and today in details the information concerning their importance to the Civil War in the United States. It also doubles as a vacation guide to the area with interactive walking tours and maps.

Civil War Daily Lite  information on each and every day of the war presented in a lecture format perfect for students and teachers.

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