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February 1 was the date the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolished slavery was adopted by the 38th Congress. We celebrate this date with a month-long celebration of Black history month in February in the United States. 

Below are a list of my favorite completely free iPhone and iPad apps for Black history month.


African American Studies this application is a collection of African-American studies books, talks with African American scholars, literature, history, politics, religion, sociology and many other disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. 

Louisiana African American Heritage Trail imagine having a complete guide to the trail right in the palm of your hand this amazing app includes directions, GPS coordinates, maps, photos, stories and so much more.

More Than a Mapp this app allows users to locate, experience, and even contribute to African-American history through an interactive map. Designed to show that American history exist all around us, even in months outside of February, the application highlights relevant locations in one's immediate vicinity.

Black History Milestones a collection of significant milestones in African American history.

WDYK 100 Influential Black Americans experience the compelling light stories and view outstanding videos for 100 of the most influential African Americans in history. Don't wait for Black history month here is your opportunity to become better acquainted with artist, activist, political thinkers and more all in the palm of your hand.

The Root multimedia news source dedicated to presenting the African-American viewpoint on today's headlines

Musical Soul Food contemporary and traditional gospel music

Apex Museum the Apex Museum is a museum that accurately interprets and presents history in an African-American perspective in order to help all Americans understand and appreciate the contributions of African Americans in America.

Smithsonian Institution Black History Month Perspective the Smithsonian institution presents podcasts All about Black History Month.

Black History Month by Reed College a captivating list of podcasts and interviews with influential African Americans.

Videos for Black History Month free to download and present

Voices of Change in celebration of Black history month the Academy of achievement presents a host of outstanding African-American leaders in the arts, sciences, business, sports, and public service. Among the most honored and admired men and women of our times they include heroes of the civil rights movement, trailblazing athletes, musicians, a pioneering Nero surgeon, a Secretary of State, and the president of the United States.


Pepperdine University Black History Month Lectures before free lectures include slavery, the Jim Crow laws, the importance of Barack Obama, and the civil rights movement.


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