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Ancient Rome



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Ancient Roman history, art and culture is easy to bring to life with the iPad. The iPad is a perfect vehicle for teaching children all about life in ancient Rome. 

Below are my favorite completely free iPad apps all about the history of ancient Rome.  

Roman Forum fantastic iPad apps shows side-by-side photos of archaeological sites in Rome today and what it would have looked like 2000 years ago 

The Complete History of Ancient Rome incredibly complete iPad apps the lite version is free

Cahn Ancient Roman Art an incredibly large app showcasing 5000 years of ancient Roman art

The History of Rome by Mike Duncan Rowman scholar interesting podcast from his radio show

Ancient Rome Multimedia 3-D virtual reality tour of ancient Rome

Cradle of Rome okay so it's only semi-educational it's still fun to play an ancient Roman ruler in this great game

Rihanna Ford and the Da Vinci another game that semi-educational but with beautiful Da Vinci backgrounds

Minerva Magazine Minerva Explores Lost Civilizations of the Past from Ancient Rome

Learn Mythology Basics need to bone up on your Greek and Roman gods?? This is the app for you

Museum of Cycladic Art the museum is located in the heart of Athens and displays more than 3000 objects of ancient Greek and Cypriot art dating from the fifth millennium BC to the sixth century A.D. this app showcases most of the pieces photographed in full color and 3-D with explanations of their importance. 

Easyguideapp Ancient Messene this crazy named Has detailed photos and description of the ancient city of Messene with images videos and 3-D animations with updated excavations and restorations included.

World Cultures this is probably my favorite iPad app because it brings to life cultures of the world through artifacts and photos From the Hudson Museums World Cultures Collection.

Beyond Textbooks 2010 interactive games that are designed to get students warmed up and ready to learn and help them connect to social studies content.

World Book This Day in History every day in history catalogued in 365 easy to handle chunks! Perfect for teachers!!

History Maps of the World detailed historical maps at your fingertips

BBC History Magazine super-expensive magazine completely free on your iPad or iPhone

Stack the Countries great for younger kids

Ancient Greece
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