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Ancient Greece



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Ancient Greek history, art and culture is easy to bring to life with the iPad. The iPad is a perfect vehicle for teaching children all about life in ancient Greece. Below are my favorite completely free iPad apps all about the history of ancient Greece.

Smarty Goes to the Ancient Olympics fun interactive game that teaches all about the ancient Greek Olympics

Minerva Magazine Minerva Explores Lost Civilizations of the Past from Ancient Greece to Rome

Smarty Travels to Ancient Greece all of Greek history is explored in this fun interactive game

Greek Proverbs  Free great app explaining where half the Proverbs we say every day come from

Museum of Cycladic Art the museum is located in the heart of Athens and displays more than 3000 objects of ancient Greek and Cypriot art dating from the fifth millennium BC to the sixth century A.D. this app showcases most of the pieces photographed in full color and 3-D with explanations of their importance.


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