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The Earth is a finite resource that we must all protect. At this point high schoolers should have heard about going green. But what does that mean? Recycling is a basic start to any green living. Below are a list of my favorite iPad free apps that promote recycling and teach about the resources we all need to protect if there is going to be a future for mother Earth.

Taptu over 100 magazines free on your iPad. What a great way to reduce our carbon footprint!!

Skeptical Science free iPad app that explains global warming

GoodGuide amazing resource lets you scan barcodes to test products greenness

Pollution amazing literature and photos with helpful resources to reduce pollution through recycling

iRecycle gives you places with directions that recycle just about everything

Avego driver turn your car into a bus, carpooling app

My Recycle List quickly find locations where you can recycle anything

ecoChallenge fun trivia game to learn about recycling

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