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How do you get your kids excited about science?? Encourage questions, and find ways to let children discover the answers themselves. Buy them toys that motivate creativity. One of the best toys out there.... the iPad. Get kids excited about science by putting fun activities and engaging illustrations right in the palm of their hand. Below are a list of my favorite elementary school science apps that promote learning and fun.

Coral Magazine teaches conservation in a fun way with beautiful underwater photos

Crash of Rhinos really engaging iPad app that tells you the real names of animals

Richie's World of Adventure all about electricity and sunlight. How we power our world

GoFun use the Montessori approach to teaching science

Nutty Newton Picture Book kid friendly science about gravity

Mission Antarctica amazing photos from the coldest place on earth

JogNog science tests and quizzes on the go for children

Clever Bird Early Science Superfund website with the silly bird who learns science

Science Glossary glossary of scientific terms

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