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Writing in school doesn't have to be dull!!!! There are so many iPad apps out there to help your children learn to create masterpieces of writing. Below is a list of my favorite totally free iPad apps that will help teach children to improve their writing skills. 

Notebook this free and functional notebook is your best choice for taking notes on your iPad. Notebook provides you with smooth and comfortable writing, texting, note taking, or doodling. Notebook is perfect for everyday use and is simple to use

A Novel Idea. it amazes me what is free on the iPad!!! A novel idea is a premier tool for planning a story and recording inspiration. It has a simple interface to create characters, locations, scenes, and lets you link them together to create a story plot. It even allows you to download photos and add story to them.

Free Writing The Cure for Writer's Block

Smart writing tool  

iDiary for Kids event has to journaling tool for elementary age children  

Wartgames a great web source for educational video games

Pppst FREE PowerPoint presentations on every subject including writing

Plus ...

Free Educational iPad Game Apps for Kids

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