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Educational Games for Kids
PK-K Reading 



NOTE: You must have an Apple ID iTunes account to open these apps for review and/or download.  Setting up an account with iTunes is free. Setting up an Apple iTunes account


Getting preschoolers and kindergartners excited about reading is easy when you use these free iPad apps. Below are my absolute favorite iPad apps specifically for preschoolers and kindergartners just beginning reading. The interactive nature of the iPad is perfect for 3 to 5-year-olds.

ABC song That All-In-One Educational 

Preschool Adventure 

Little Speller Three Letter Words 

Farmers Market Fun Educational 

Preschool Memory Match this is one of my favorite memory match games because you can set the difficulty level 

Kindertown preschool and kindergarten 

Pete's power point station one of the best websites on the planet!!!!! free PowerPoint presentations on literally every subject  including preschool and kindergarten reading  

Wartgames educational games thousands of educational games for children

Free Educational iPad Game Apps for Kids

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Free Powerpoints for Teachers

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