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Completely Free Christian iPhone and iPad apps for kids 6-12



As children enter elementary school or Sunday school you may be looking for a list of fun Christian Smart phone, iPad and iPhone games for children to play. Christian games are not just for entertainment but can be used to teach kids about important Bible truths. In this electronic age it's important to have a handy list of completely free apps for elementary age kids that embrace wholesome values. 

Below are a list of my favorites: 

Children's Bible Games and Activities over 300 games and activities +80 Bible stories for kids 7 through 12 color

SuperBook Kids Bible the app is really done right!! Not only does it have beautiful full-color animation and videos it is also very interactive and can grow with your child. 

Bible Quiz Game easy to use format for just about any age child. The biggest reason I like this quiz format is the age appropriate levels. In the beginning of the game you have opportunities to move up much quicker than later in the game which is perfect for young children who lose interest quickly. 

Bible Matching Game the level start out simple and gimmicky but get harder and harder as you move up. The game is addicting so don't let the first few levels throw you off. 

The Beginners Bible perfect storybook format with vivid colors and cute pictures the 7 to 10-year-old in your life. 

The Gospel Project for Kids a huge array of both music and games for children 6 to 13. 

Bible Quiz Christian and Religious Trivia another really addictive app that the whole family can enjoy together with variable levels for different players so a four-year-old can play with dad and still have a chance.

Note: If you don't have a FREE Apple iTunes account, here's a link to use: Setting up a Free Apple iTunes account



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