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Completely Free Bible Apps for Young Children  Ages 2-6



You can't escape it, everyone on the planet seems to have a smart phone of some kind or an iPad. Well as the saying goes, if you If you can't can't beat them you might as well join them! 

Below are a list of my favorite completely free smart phone and iPad apps that embrace Christian morals and attitudes aimed at young preschool children aged kids two through six.

The Beginners Bible this best-selling Bible storybook has sold over 6 million copies and is now completely free. It includes enhanced audio with narration, music and sound effects that help bring 94 Bible stories to life for small children. 

Adventure Bible Memory With this act you can do word scrambles or fill in the blanks and you can choose the settings easy, medium or hard and children can even burn prizes like adventurous pictures and sound effects. Children can even record their own voice on this amazing app for children ages 2-16.

Children's Bible Story this app includes comic books, movies, in written books all with biblical themes appropriate for the entire family. This is one app that really grows with your child. There are many easy-to-follow stories for preschool age children as well as complex larger thought provoking articles aimed at older teenagers. 

Superbook Kids Bible this free Bible app for kids is a media rich experience that helps bring the Bible to life with videos and images from the Emmy nominated super book animation series. It also has engaging interactive games. All content is embedded within Scripture so children can easily interact with it from the context of the Bible. This is another affect congruent with your child with content appropriate for preschoolers up to high school aged teenagers.

Noah's Ark Bible Stories perfect for the youngest children with primary colors and interesting sounds the stories come to life.

Gospel Puzzles 123 simple puzzle format for preschool children with the biblical theme. It is a teaching at that includes the numbers and the alphabet with Christian pictures and fun sound effects.  


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