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The World's Best Spa Resorts



The world's best spa resorts have one thing in common the desire to paper you in a serene setting. The best spas feature top-rated facilities with healthy activities, gourmet meals, products that will invigorate and relax you body mind and soul. Even if you can't afford a week here maybe one day is all you will need these top rated spas.

The Parrot Cay Resort and Retreat Hotel in Turks and Caicos provides one of the world's most expensive treatment lists all brought to you on a private island swept in sand and peaceful  seas. At about $1000 a day it's not a bargain.

The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town South Africa is a resort you will not soon forget. They even have an outdoor treatment center in a gazebo taken in joy the natural splendor that is Africa while getting a deep tissue massage and a seaweed wrap.

Canyon Ranch Lenox in Lenox Massachusetts is a huge sprawling facility offers an all-inclusive as well as a room only rate. Off-season rates can be as low as $250 a night. Making this an affordable luxury.

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