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Top 3 Weirdly Fun Destination Hotels in the United States
(in my opinion)



#1 Dog Bark Park Inn Cottonwood Idaho is a bed-and-breakfast shaped like a giant Beagle and all the rooms are dog themed.

#2 Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo Florida is actually underwater. You must dive 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea through a tropical mangrove habitat on an emerald lagoon to reach the world's only underwater hotel. You enter through the opening in the bottom of the habitat into a cottage size building. They have hot showers a well-stocked kitchen refrigerators microwaved books music and cozy beds where guests can watch the fish under the water.

#3 Kokopelli's cave bed-and-breakfast is a privately owned luxury cliff dwelling located north of farming 10 New Mexico near the mess of Verde national Monument. The cave itself is 70 feet below the surface the entrance located in the cliff face. They rent the 1650 ft. cave for as low as $200 a night.




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