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Super Thrifty Hotels



Believe it or not they're still ways to save money in the travel industry. There are many unique ways to pack more fun and fewer dollars into your summer getaway this secret is to think outside of the box.

Have you ever considered booking a dorm room instead of a hotel room? Many private colleges and universities offer lodgings on the cheap when students are on break for instance a college in Prescott Arizona charges $55 a night for their dorm room that includes kitchen privileges simple garden things and close proximity to the area's town center. A small Catholic college in upstate New York only charges $22 a night.

How about a working ecological volunteer vacation? there are so many opportunities out there for completely free vacations it will blow your mind! Right now in coastal North Carolina you can stay for free at a local university just by volunteering five hours a day to clean up the shore. There are these kinds of opportunities all over the world as well. A little hard work could save your family literally thousands of dollars. below is a wonderful website dedicated to the art of volunteer vacations.




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