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Hotel Security Advice



Give yourself extra peace of mind with some simple tips on hotel security.

  • Every time you leave the room put on the do not disturb sign on your door knob, housekeeping won't come but either will thieves. 

  • Turn on the television just loud enough to hear it through the door every time you leave. 

  • Leave at least one light on inside the room every time you leave. 

  • Never fill out the breakfast order doorknob hanger card. This card lists your name your phone number and how many people are in the room and what time you expect someone to knock on the door. 

  • Always request a room on the upper floor.

  • Always leave the deadbolt lock on.

  • Only stay in hotels with electronic card access.

  • Make sure your door always has a peep hole. 

  • And my best advice is to never be embarrassed to ask for help. If things look dicey outside, use the bellman to walk you to your car. You are far more likely to be mugged in the parking lot than in the room.

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