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Tips and Advice For Foreign Hotel Stays



Foreign travel can be fun and exciting but scary as well. Being prepared before you walk out the front door is the best way to assure your travel experience will be everything you want it to be. 

My best advice in booking a hotel in a foreign country is to read the reviews online for this hotel, not the brand of the hotel but literally the address at which you will be staying. Understanding customs in foreign countries will help you understand their websites as well. In many countries the room rate is per person. So 4 people in one family sharing a room you need to multiply the rate by four. In some countries they will ask you to hand over your passport to reserve a room, don't do it, go elsewhere. Some hotels especially in Europe, will ask you for your hotel key every time you leave, this is very normal and quite safe although nerve-racking especially for women traveling alone, local customs sometimes are just different but hey that's why you're traveling right?!


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