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NOTE: You must have an Apple ID iTunes account to open these apps for review and/or download.  Setting up an account with iTunes is free. Setting up an Apple iTunes account


There are literally thousands of apps for the iPad. Below are my favorite apps that are free. ALL are available only at the iTunes store. You can take a peek at itunes.com

FreeClubWeb's Collection of Free Game Apps for Kids! Make learning fun! I've been making lists of exceptionally good and free educational games for iPad as I find them. Enjoy! 

Adobe Ideas iPad
Adobe Ideas iPad is a digital sketchbook. You can draw over photos and writing. It is perfect for crafts and school projects.Air Video is the best app for watching videos. It lets you stream videos directly from your PC. It also can work as a photo shuffle like the frames they sell. 

Beatwave is a great app for the budding DJ in the family. You can even write music compositions with little or no prior knowledge of music.

Bloomberg for iPad  

Bloomburg for Ipad is a great news source. It is hard on the eyes because of the orange, white and black lettering but you really can get a full days headlines in about two minutes.  


Comics is a free app that does exactly what the name suggests. Lets you read comic books online TOTALLY FREE kool huh???? 

The Guardian Eyewitness 
The Guardian Eyewitness is an app that provides daily doses of photography as an art form. The iPad is perfect for this format because you can keep images you like here and access them years down the road. It holds all your favorites for free.   



IBooks goes head to head with Kindle. It is a decent book reader. You even get a free copy of Winnie the Pooh. I use it to download free books from the library.   


Movies by Flixter  

Movies by Flixter is the app for film buffs. The app figures out where you are and tells you every movie with show times in your area. It has much better speed than Fandango and since it doesn't want to sell you anything it is much easier to navigate too.  


PaperDesk Lite for iPad  

PaperDesk Lite for iPad is a souped-up digital notepad. You can combine typed words, scribbles and audio. Pages can be e-mailed out too. You only get 3 pages at a time free but you can send as many 3 page allotments as you want.  


Reuters News Pro for iPad  

Reuters News Pro is the next best news app after Bloomberg. It has an international world view.  



Soundrop is a sound toy that offers an endless stream of balls that make neat noises when they bounce off user drawn lines. It is super addictive!!  



Granimator is a wallpaper app offering almost endless user drawn possibilities, not your mama's wallpaper for sure!  


Google Earth offers a free app for the iPad. (Search Google for the Google Earth app) It is so beautiful and very easy to work with. It does not have street view in this format but it is fun to swoop around the planet and peek in the neighbors back yard.

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