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My absolutely favorite Cruise Site is Vacations To Go !!! If you are flexible with times and dates this is the site for you!!!

The cheapest prices at vacations to go can be found on their 90 day ticker. You have to sign up but it is worth it to see the bargains and they will e-mail you about once a month with specials. This section includes all of their last-minute listings on the worlds biggest and best cruise lines. If you do find a cruise vacation there that interests you don't wait - buy!. 

Early Bird and Fast Deals Sections

Some are discounted as much as 90%. They have a Vacations to Go bargain section that has many early bird specials and cut-rate promotions on all the biggest cruise lines. You're not going to find a 90% off deal here but there are some great bargains. They even have a cruise newsletter that has a great Q & A section .There is a fast deals section that's especially fun.

How to save 90%

My best advice on the vacations to go website is to find a time that you want to go on a cruise. Then the year before your cruise time that you selected look and see what is available at vacations to go. You will find a year later that very similar cruises are available in this time period. So, for example, if you want a European river cruise in the second week of September all you need to do is the year before see what deeply discounted cruises are available. Year after year the same cruise lines go to the same places although the ports may change the general area remains the same. Then wait until two weeks before you are actually going to leave and buy a 90% off cruise. I love this site.

Below is a list of cruise brokers the top one is vacations to go, my favorite. Below that is a listing of all the major cruise lines.


CLICK HERE for a list of cruise brokers, all the major cruise lines, cruise tips and discount deals including Vacations to Go.




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