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Cunard Cruises - The Height of Luxury



Cunard cruises are the height of luxury. I've never been on one of the ships but I've always wanted to go!!! Cunard cruises is the home of the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary II, and the Queen Victoria. Everything about this cruise liner is different. Nearly every meal every day is a formal affair. The Queens Grill Suites on the Queen Mary II are all larger than my home. 

Cunard cruises has engaging experiences including large ballrooms with dances almost every night. They have a series called Cunard insights which include lectures and workshops. Their boats even have a full-size Canyon Ranch Spa. Cunard cruises even offers a transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary 2 where you do exactly nothing for seven days straight.

I guess when you charge $10,000 a week you have to tolerate children. All Cunard cruises include a soft play area a ball pool and certified early years staffing. 24-hour babysitting services are not included but offered. A range of activities including sports arts and crafts and a disco as well as themed days like pirate day complete their children's offerings.

If you have an extra $20,000 or $30,000 in the bank I highly recommend Cunard cruises. Cunard cruises has a live WebCam attached to the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth ships. Here is the link if you can't actually afford a cruise but still want to enjoy the ride click here.

Here is their official Brochure and Website to Book a trip at Cunard

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