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College Credit at Sea



Study abroad programs have been around for ages. Have you ever thought about taking a course at sea? Educational programs that take place on cruise ships at sea are becoming popular. There are wonderful way to learn about distant lands and cultures while earning credit for college and sometimes even high school. 

The best-known school at sea program is called Semester at Sea it is run by the Institute for shipboard education through the University of Virginia. Twice a year 1200 student's go on a voyage around the world on the MV Explorer, this ship includes classrooms, a computer lab, a student union, two dining rooms and more. 

But there are many more of these opportunities at sea, some of the larger cruise lines throughout the world have gotten on board with this idea and now offer cruises for credit for children ages 15 through 25.

Here is a list of websites for more information on college and HS credit at sea:

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