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American Cruise Lines
The PERFECT cruise if you do not want to leave the US!!!



American cruise lines is exactly what its name implies: It is a cruise line that specializes in the rivers of the United States. You can go to the Pacific North West, Maine, New England Islands, the Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay, the historic South, Florida, Alaska and up and down the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River Cruise is especially fun because they have a paddlewheel boat called the Queen of the Mississippi and it's gorgeous!

Almost all of the cruises have no more than 150 people on board so you get to really know the other cruise passengers well. Because their ships are so small they are able to navigate in small canals and waterways larger cruise ships would never be able to fit into.

American cruise lines may be the perfect cruise for you if you feel uncomfortable leaving United States but still want the cruise experience. 

Here is a link directly to American Cruise Lines.

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