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Where do you want to go? Chances are a cruise ship can take you there. Whether you're looking for a an exotic cruise to Africa or a nature cruise to Alaska it's all available online. Now is the time to buy a cruise because the economy is so bad they are really affordable. Cruises that used to be literally hundreds of dollars a day now costs a tiny percentage of that. The best part about a cruise is that you can be as active or as lazy as you want to be. 

If you don't wish to participate in fancy dress nights, that's the night you want to reserve a table at one of the fancy restaurants. Most everyone will be at dress up night, and you'll have the other great restaurants on board pretty much to yourself. It's great! 

Cruises last anywhere from 1 day to  365 days. You can do it on the cheap on the Princess Cruise lines and leave California for as little as $33 a day. Or you can take a luxury cruise liner around the world for $99,000 a person.

Below is a list of major cruise brokers and the heavy hitters of the cruise industry. 

Big Cruise Lines

AMA Waterways
Our Tips for AMA Waterways  

American Cruise Lines  
Our Tips - Cruise without leaving the US 

Avalon River Cruises

Carnival Cruises
Our Tips - Floating Resorts  

Celebrity Cruise Line  
Our Tips - Luxury at a Great Price 

Costa Cruise Line 
Our Tips - For Kids & Teens too

Crystal Cruises 

Cunard Line 
Our Tips - Super Luxury Cruises

Disney Cruises  
Disney Cruises from a Kids Perspective
Our Tips for Disney Cruises  
Disney Cruise Weddings 

Holland America Line 
Our Tips - Some Cruises as Low as $50 a day!  

Norwegian Cruise Line 
Our Tips - Two Story High Wii, Freestyling Cruises

Oceania Cruises 

Princess Cruises  
Our Tips for the largest cruise line on the planet - The Love Boat

Regent Seven Seas Cruises 
Our Tips for the Regent Line

Star Clipper Cruises  
Our Tips for Star Clippers

Viking River Cruises  
Our Tips for Viking River Cruises

Windstar Cruises 
Our Tips for Windstar Yachts


Cruising the USA 

Cruising Inside the Borders of the USA (no passport needed for US Citizens)  

Great Lakes Cruises (Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, Erie) 

Hawaiian Cruises 

Mississippi River Cruise Lines

Major Cruise Line Brokers

Cruise Port Ideas From Vacations to go


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