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There are a million coupons out there for online retailers. There are sites that can give you the code for a % off or free shipping or for free items!!! You just need the code. I know I was devastated to find out my sister in law got 40% off at Lands End catalog last Christmas and I didn't. Why??? Who knows. But her catalog had a Get 40% off your total order code and mine had a 10% off code if I spent over $99!!! What a jip right!!!! 

Anyway, from this I learned that it is all about the codes. The operator on the other end of the telephone does not know which catalog you were sent. He just wants the code for your savings. So I say lets make them give us the best deal out there!! Below are my favorite code sites. They cover just about every catalog, airline, hotel, florist etc ... So try them all before you buy!


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