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Think Rental Cars are just for out of town visits??? No way!!! I have rented cars for moving large pieces of furniture and to test out new models before I bought one too!!! My friend even rented a hot bright red Mustang for a weekend as an anniversary gift for her husband. Neat!! There are lots of boring, cheapo rental cars out there in various shades of puke green but there are just as many super deals on huge monster trucks or even Ferrari's !!! Really!!

Here is a list of truly dull rental companies that will be thrilled to rent you a Nissan Altima for about $30 bucks a day weekend or $50 mid-week.


Ok, here is a better list of super fun rental cars!!! Were talking 8 cylinders of joy here!!!

Noting but super high end Sports cars Midway Car Rental


Muscle Cars Piston Heads


Vintage Cars Early Rides


Kassabian Motors has everything!!!!! If they do not have it just ask! This is the place for Porsche , Ferrari ect...

There are many coupon codes and deals for rental cars. Although I do not think the Lamborghini is going on sale any time soon!!! But for all the other companies the big travel companies sometimes have the best deals.




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