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There are great games, information, presentations, and more on car manufacturer websites. 

Toyota Racing at Toyota.com  it is a great website that allows you to download literally thousands of past Motorsport races and interact with the professional drivers. You can even download free screen savers of your favorite cars and drivers. You can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace with one click of a button. 

Honda has an interesting website as well. There are thousands of Honda Videos of not only their cars but user up-loaded images of specialty vehicles and school presentations. Honda Racing is a fun spot to watch Honda videos of your favorite cars and interact with drivers.

BMW has the best web site for kids and teens. The don't text and drive power point is worth the trip alone! They have all kinds of safety videos and BMW International sites are all in foreign languages with fun videos and informative power points about safety too. The BMW Dubai version is my favorite check it out!!

Just about all the major companies have extra fun things on their websites. Here is a list of the big guys in the automotive world:




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